Elizabeth Walton has been making jewelry since she was eight years old. She began by making beaded jewelry to sell at a small craft shows with her Grandfather. Several years later, a friend let her borrow a jewelry anvil and hammer to experiment with wire. She slowly began to drift away from using beads until she was making almost solely metal jewelry. In the summer of 2017 she began an internship with Mary Timmer, an artist in Asheville, who taught her, among many other skills, how to solder. Since then she has begun her education at Appalachian State University pursuing her BFA through a studio art major with a concentration in Metalsmithing and Jewely Design.

Her expiriences at Appalachain State have been transformational both artistically and personally. She is begining to understand who she is as an artist while expanding and diversifying her skillset. She is surrounded by a dedicated and encouraing artistic community who is challenging her to do her best while reaching for her dreams.

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