Brian Hester, a native of Boone, North Carolina grew up waist deep in

whatever river water he could find so he could develop his craft and love

for the Fly Fishing.  He found the outdoors to be a limitless sanctuary that cultivated his interest in art and acted as a stage for him to embrace his surroundings and observations, which would play a key role in the creation of his art. That passion elevated his drive and awareness to recreate a subject matter that he would see as his own vision “a world that could not be defined either by being above the water, below the water or even both collectively.”  These variables have continually heightened his aptitude for those obscured moments when out fishing and has ultimately served as a catalyst for his work as he pushes the realm of that gossamer line of real and surreal. The symbiotic relationship between Brian’s Fly Fishing and his art is simple, without one, the other does not exist.

Brian Hester

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